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Specialist foundation engineering machinery from Bauer has been a byword for top performance and quality and for continuous innovation since the late 1960s. BAUER Maschinen GmbH, which develops and manufactures rotary drilling rigs, diaphragm wall rigs, ground improvement equipment and all related tools, has been operating on the market as an independent entity within the BAUER Group since 2001. The other companies in the BAUER Maschinen Group are subsidiaries of BAUER Maschinen GmbH. Above and beyond the machine itself, Bauer Maschinen offers complete method solutions for specialist foundation engineering applications. The range also includes deep drilling rigs.

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Adres BAUER-Straße 1
86529 Schrobenhausen
Telefoonnummer '+49 8252 97-0 E-mailadres info@bauer.de Website bauer.de
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